STEP 1: Send me your broker account number(MT4 #), so I can add you to the system.

STEP 2: Download your EA version here(Right Click -> Save Link As): MT4 version - MT5 version

STEP 3: Move the downloaded EA file to the Experts folder of your Metatrader, as shown below.

AutoTrading needs to be ON at all times.

STEP 4: In your Metatrader, go to Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors and add the URL as shown below.

STEP 5: Restart your Metatrader and find the EA in the Expert Advisors within Navigator. Then attach it to any chart, but just one chart!

STEP 6: Enter the master ID, which is 2bO7I822.

STEP 7: Allow Live Trading and DLL imports as shown below.

Risk settings: Choose "Equity Based" Lots mode as shown below.

Now you can use Lots multiplier to set your risk. If you keep the number at 1.0, the EA will be set to default risk. If you set it to 0.5, you will risk half as much, if you set it to 2.0, you will risk twice as much as the default account. You can set the number to anything you like, higher or lower risk than default.