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I am a High Impact Member (top 1%) on with the username OnlineAddict, since 2014. I am trading stocks, currencies and commodities for over 10 years. I am posting my trading analysis on my blog and closed trades from the Expert Advisor are posted automatically on Twitter.

I am not going to promise you a certain amount of pips or profit, because that I think is highly irresponsible. Nobody knows whats going to happen tomorrow, let alone next websites saying "guaranteed 1000 pips per month" or similar, are lying, simple as that. Being a trader for over 10 years, I know that nothing can be promised and nothing can be guaranteed. All I can guarantee is my dedication and hard work. Not every week will be great, but most will be good.

You can easily increase the risk in the EA settings to your liking, but if you do so, please withdraw your profits regularly. Weekly, monthly or everytime a certain profit is made. To better understand leverage and risk, you can try my simple forex profit calculator. The higher the potential profit, the higher the potential risk. I would not recommend to set riskfactor over 2, which is 2x my risk.

I am using fxblue's trade copier to copy trades to your account, so you'll need to create a free account at FXblue, if you don't have one already. Click HERE for the installation instructions. I will activate your account after the payment. If you have any trouble with the installation, just email me. The EA can run either on your home PC or a Windows VPS. The VPS is more safe to run 24/7.

I am charging a one-time fee of €2000 for the trade copier EA. There won't be any other hidden payments or fees for the Expert Advisor later, you'll keep all the profit you'll make with it.
Re-selling my trades is strictly forbidden and members caught doing it will be removed asap!

Minimum recommended account size for the Expert Advisor at default risk is $1000.
Recommended brokers are Roboforex and ICmarkets, but it works with any broker.

I am not charging a monthly fee, because I can't promise a certain amount of trades per month. Sometimes there might be no trades for days or even longer, if I think there is nothing worth trading. But that doesn't mean I am not working!
The account growing from $1 is too risky to use for a trade copier EA, so its for promotional purposes only.

If you are looking for low-risk money management options, contact me to get a proposal.

Contact me below:

Risk Warning: Trading on the forex market involves substantial risks, including possible loss of all funds and other losses and is not suitable for all members.Clients should make a judgement as to whether trading is appropriate for them in the light of their financial condition, risk tolerance and many other factors. Just never invest money you cannot afford to lose.